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About Us...

We are a small, locally owned and operated restaurant and sushi bar, in Noblesville, Indiana, and have been here for many years.

We hope to respectfully offer a tasteful and true alternative to the other over-the-top and corporate owned sushi chains that are otherwise opening all around us. While they figure out how to best decorate with fake, painted bamboo, we are sticking to our Asian roots and trying our best to make an emphasis on actual taste and food quality. Of course, if we can offer edible art in an authentic eastern environment at the same time, we definitely will do so!

Our single professional sushi chef owned his own restaurant in South Korea before moving here. If you're not too familiar with the cultures of the east-Asian region, South Korea has just as strict high-standards for sushi as in Japan, if not actually higher in some ways. If you've had the pleasure of travelling to either country, you will know our meaning. Our chef personally selects the fish we bring in, in order to meet a personal set of standards... and level of pride, admittedly. Recently, we have been seeing many patrons returning on a regular basis, so we hope it is something that we are doing right!

We hope you are able to stop by to see us soon, and decide for yourself whether we can hold a flame to what we like to think of as the "cookie cutter" competition.

Our Thoughts...

Having lived here for quite some time now, we definitely miss true Asian food from time to time. Because of this, we have been to many Asian restaurants in the area. While many of them are decent, we believe that they just don't compare to the real thing. We try to keep this in mind while running our restaurant, so it is our hope to offer the most authentic food and service. Whether or not you have ever experienced real Asian food before, we definitely will serve you that here!

Even if you haven't been here, we would like to share some things we believe, so you can keep them in mind ifyou eat sushi from other bars. We are confident that you will notice these and agree that we are unique in these things, when compared to the competition...

  • Good sushi rolls shouldn't be made with overly vinegared rice. A little known fact is that the word "sushi" actually means "vinegared rice." In Asia, the recipe used to prepare the rice can sometimes be more important than the seafood itself!
  • Raw seafood must be fresh! Be careful of some bars that use old and unused "scraps" as filler in order to avoid waste. For that reason, we will never eat at a "happy hour" type of event, ourselves!
  • The strongest tastes in sushi should come from the house's unique sauces and seasonings, not the seafood or rice that is used to make it. Sometimes these are what differentiate sushi bars in Japan and South Korea! This is why we make all of our sauces in-house.
  • Good rolls should be snuggly rolled - not too tight, not too loose; and nigiri should be well-formed and molded. Everything should disintegrate in your mouth evenly.
  • Textures are just as important as tastes, and everything, tastes and textures alike, should be expertly balanced... it's difficult to explain, but it should just "feel" right!
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